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Your Free Wellness Check Includes
  • Check fan speed for proper set point to ensure no moisture is introduced into system and duct work which can lead to mold growth.

  • Check static pressure which ensures duct sizing is appropriate for application and no air restrictions are present.

  • Check drainage for adequate flow to ensure moisture issues are not created due to improper installation or restriction.

  • Check duct system and air handling unit for microbial growth and system components for cleanliness.

  • Recommend a customized solution that is right for your home. 

 Hvac systems are prone to microbial growth as well as the ducts. Things such as poor drainage or improper fan speeds can cause organic growth to spread like wild fire throughout system. Mold spores are airborne and will find a way to thrive anytime a food source is present (dust) and moisture. Although we cannot prevent this natural occurrence we can identify issues that may be fueling the fire and offer affordable remedies that stop the problem at the source. Take advantage of our free wellness check and find out how you can improve your homes air today.
typical dirty air duct

Typical dirty air duct

mold covered blower motor in HVAC system

Mold covered blower motor

air duct prior to and after cleaning

Air duct prior to cleaning

Air duct after cleaning

duct 2.jpeg
duct work before and after cleaning
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